blomus Pedal bin Moonbeam 5 L - OROV4UFS

blomus Pedal bin Moonbeam 5 L - OROV4UFS

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  • No edges or corners.

  • Matte soft-touch surface.

  • Soft-close function.

  • There is a removable and easy to clean plastic bucket inside the pedal bin.

  • Material: plastic, silicone.

  • The appealing Sono pedal bin fits perfectly into the soft design of the Blomus Spa series. Pleasant feel with matte soft-touch surface, appealing curves in subtle colours and the practical 5 litre capacity make this bucket ideal for your bathroom.

    The small bin made of matte ceramic can be easily opened with a gentle step. The soft-close lid closes slowly and almost silently. The removable plastic inner bucket is easy to clean.


    Diameter: 23 cm.

    Weight: 1.37 kg.

    Country of origin: German.

    Height: 30 cm.

    Material: ceramic, silicone, plastic.

    Depth: 28 cm.

    Volume: 5 litres.

    Small bathroom bucket.

    Subtle, soft design.

    Slow down soft-close lid.

    Matte ceramic soft-touch surface.

    Volume: 5 litres, height: 30 cm, diameter: 23 cm.

    blomus Pedal bin Moonbeam 5 L - OROV4UFS